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Dominick Flora

Owner of CSP training system and Off Street Sports Performance, Dominick Flora has been working with athletes in all sports for over 20 years to help them improve in performance both on and off the field, court, and diamond.  Dominick was an All-State athlete in both baseball and football in high school, who played Division I baseball in college.  He is a 5th degree black belt master instructor with 3 state championships and two national titles in Tae-Kwon-Do.  He holds degrees in Physical Education and Sports Performance. 

Dominick also had the opportunity to train under one of the world's most prestigious performance coaches, Chip Smith.  Over the years, Dominick has designed and implemented science-based training methods and combo skill set training programs to make his athletes stand well above the competition.  Many of his athletes drive over two hours to participate in training sessions.  Dominick has since designed his own certification system, V.O.R.I (Versatility, Over speed, Resistance, Impulse) to put a stamp on his often imitated, but never duplicated, training program.  Dominick works with over 600 athletes a year in all sports, with over 400 athletes moving on and continuing to play at the college and professional level. 

In 2012, Dominick started a 501c3 foundation called Off Street Sports Performance Inc.  He was motivated by watching numerous young student-athletes who lacked future direction.  Dominick and his staff also work with at-risk, underprivileged youth in the 3 lower counties of MD (Somerset, Wicomico, Worcester).  These student-athletes are provided multiple types of performance skill set training, partnered with mentors and academic tutors in a safe environment.  Dominick's goal is to have all of these underprivileged youth become college bound, successful citizens with a strong work ethic upon reaching adulthood. 

"I have a genuinely true passion to see all of our athletes not only reach their performance and life goals, but shatter them."


CSP does on campus team training on the western and eastern shore, group training, combo skill set/explosive development classes, CSP kids conditioning classes, and for our adults CSP adult bootcamp.  CSP  is creating a new class of athletes with its unique V.O.R.I training system.


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