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           SPEED & AGILITY


Our speed and agility classes are designed to increase an athlete's total performance on the field, court, or diamond.  We use state of the art methods and equipment to increase acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction in 360o of movement. Our speed and agility program is guaranteed to make you faster, more explosive, flexible, and an overall better athlete through resistance, over speed, and reaction training methods.


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Designed to maximize results explosive training in the weight room means explosive play on the field.  Utilizing Olympic and ground-based methods (Olympic lifts, power clean and snatch, and their accessory lifts to maximize explosive strength) we customize strength workouts for each athlete. We train both functional movements and adhere to sport and position specific training principles in the weight room by incorporating specific exercises that will enhance performance on the field.  By becoming a stronger athlete, the risk for injury is reduced and player longevity is greatly increased.


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These classes are geared towards athletes 7-11.  This program is a fun class that teaches proper form speed mechanics and techniques, improves coordination, flexibility, core, conditioning, and introductory functional and specific strength training.  We use state of the art equipment to increase acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction in 360 degrees of movement.

          CSP Total Body Blast


CSP adult bootcamp is an exciting group fitness class that incorporates hard work and discipline of a traditional bootcamp with a twist.  Adults will be training total body implementing CSP resistance training, kick boxing, core, and flexibility.



CSP lacrosse academy is a package deal unlike any other all in the same facility.  Our Academy is in its 11th year and has sold out each year. Head instructor Coach Ben Sandlin with current and former SU lacrosse players run fast paced high intensity sessions that give athletes a definite edge on the competition leading into spring.  CSP sessions focus on explosive development lacrosse specific speed and agility.  Lax Academy occurs each year in the month of Jan and Feb where athletes receive 32 hours of intense training to help them blow past the competition when spring sports start. 



CSP baseball/softball combo is a package deal unlike any other all in the same facility.  Athletes can schedule private skill set training with current and former collegiate baseball players and also receive CSP explosive development speed, agility, and baseball/softball specific strength training.

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This program is designed for the high school and college athlete that is trying to make it to the next level.  This program is based on the same techniques and principles invented at CES and used to put over 1,000 NFL draftees through NFL combine and pro days for almost 20 years!  We teach athletes how to run a 40 yard dash, short shuttle, 3 cone drill as well as jump a vertical and broad jump.  CSP teaches what coaches look for and how to do position work drills to give the athlete the edge.

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