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“CSP has strengthened my skills as a field hockey player with the improvement of my speed and endurance. With individual help and guidance from the coaches, my hard work has reflected on the field. training at CSP has made me a better athlete and has guided me to pursue my collegiate career.”​

- Abbi Nechay, Worchester Prep, Committed to Monmouth College for Field Hockey


"What you and your facility does with and for these young men and women is nothing short of AMAZING!"  -Kathy Turner


"CSP has been a wonderful program for my children.  I highly recommend them to any athletes considering attending college or to play a sport at any level." -Margo Sarbanes


“It's always good to see the work results and guidance you provide to these young athletes! Keep doing your thing at CSP!.” -Coach Matt Elzy​


“The best in the bizness!  Great Work.”​  -Darian Iverson


"They all worked hard with you Coach Dom to get their bodies strong and separated themselves from others!" -Jim Terrill


"Fantastic, another fabulous athlete Coach Dom in which you molded into greatness.  Proud of you for all you poured in CSP!" -Maria Coccodrilli


"Forever grateful for what CSP has done for me!" -Taylor Pechin


"Thanks Coach Dom, couldn't do it without you!"  -Anna Brittingham



"Thanks for everything Coach Dom, you da bomb!"  -Caitlin Wink

"Congratulations on your dedication and hard work to make kids be the best they can be." -Andy Hall


"Thank you Coach Dom for being a help and encourager in McKenzie's journey."  -Lori Willey


"CSP has made me a better person and athlete.  They have made me work hard in the classroom, training and in the field.  CSP has helped me and my teammates win the 4x2 state championship this year!"  -Travis Church


"Congrats to Tenley and congrats to CSP.  Gotta give you your love, you have helped a lot of athletes." -Bubby Brown


"Best in the business!" -Ronnie Scholl


"Coach Flora is the best!"  -Mandy Bouton


Thanks, Coach Dom!  So many people made this possible for my boy.  You are one of those people!"  -Heather McDonough





"You guys did a great job!" -Burt Cashman

"Mr. Flora started me in the CSP program when I was in 6th grade.  Since day one it has helped me not just athletically and with my grades, but taught me not to give up like so many of my friends had done over the years.  I always tell myself you have come to far to give up.  The mentorship I received helped motivate me to pursue my dreams and opportunities to succeed better than my competition.  I have recently graduated college from California University PA, the first in my family and now pursuing my NFL dream."  -Nelson Brown

"Eastern Shores elite train here!"  -Michael Moore

"Thank you Dominick Flora for everything.  So many years leading to Tenley entering college as an athlete." -Kim Pelot


"When you work with the best you get the best results!" -Mike Malone


"My first time coming to CSP was when I was 14.  I have been attending the program ever since.  It is safe to say CSP and staff is life changing.  My family has gone through some tragedies with 3 family members passing away over a 4 year span.  I live a different life than most and learned how to fight adversity and mental toughness through the CSP program and its staff.  With high intensity, most effective workouts and academic help I can say this program has set me up for success.  This is the only place around that all people involved can feel like one big family.  I've received a Division II scholarship and am currently attending Alderson Broaddus University."  -Shymir Coakley


"I have been working with Mr. Flora in the CSP program since middle school when the program started.  He helped me take my younger body and transform it into a respectable college body.  CSP not only helped me physically, but instilled good grades throughout school to help me receive a Division 1 scholarship at St. Francis where I excelled playing basketball.  Coach Flora pushed me and helped me get out of that lazy mentality that myself and so many of my friends were in.  CSP and Coach Flora have been a big help and mentor in my life which is why I am who I am in life now."  -Jamaal King


"I started training at Competitive Sports Performance during the end of high school and continued throughout my collegiate career while I competed in two sports: Football and Track & Field at Salisbury University.  The training at CSP gave me the edge I needed to compete at the next level.  I continued to improve my speed, strength, and size year after year, giving me the confidence that I was always prepared."  -Zak Osborne


"Before I started going to CSP, I was just a young boy in the 8th grade with no athletic ability or a path to follow.  I started the CSP program in 9th grade, I went from below-average performance academically and athletically to be on a varsity football team, ranked in the region for indoor track, playing on a varsity lacrosse team and a honor role student.  With the help of CSP, it contributed not only athletically but mentoring, mental toughness, and motivated me to go to college not only to say I went but to become successful.  Every time I came home, I was welcomed back on a winter or summer break to continue to strive for greatness.  Still, to this day, CSP calls or sends a text messages so that I know I have at least one person in my corner helping me along the way even though I was claimed as an independent minor in the 10th grade by the state of Maryland.  Today I have a B.S in Therapeutic Recreation with a double minor in psychology and information systems.  I am currently playing my last year of lacrosse at the D2 level ranked 8th in the nation while pursuing a Master's in Occupational Therapy at Pace University.  Thank you CSP and Mr. Flora for leading me on a path for success!"  -Joey Monfort


"The guidance I received from Coach Flora helped me separate myself from negativity and even become a positive influence in the life of others.  CSP had and continues to have a huge impact in both my academic and personal life.  It provided me with a safe place to learn and grow.  In no time, I began to excel inside and outside of the classroom as my drive, focus and determination to succeed drastically changed.  CSP played a huge role in my academic success as I graduated high school at the top of my class and then obtained a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science.  Thank you Mr. Flora for teaching and leading the next generation of youth at CSP!"  -Antonio Cousar 

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