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About Us


We offer campus team training along the western and eastern shore, group training, combo skill set/explosive development classes, CSP kids conditioning classes, and for our adults Total Body Blast classes. CSP is creating a new class of athletes with its unique V.O.R.I training system. 

Our facility has a full strength training room, indoor turf for speed and agility training, as well as a private room offering 2 full size baseball/softball batting cages, along with a turf area for pitching, catching, and defensive skill development. Our classes are designed to instill proper speed mechanics and techniques for upper and lower body synchronization. We do our best to train our athletes for longevity and injury reduction.

CSP uses state of the art methods and equipment to increase acceleration, deceleration, speed stamina, and change of direction in 360 degrees of movement. Our training focuses on functional movements specific to sport and position. 

"I have a genuinely true passion to see all of our athletes not only reach their performance and life goals, but shatter them." - Dominick Flora, Owner and Head Performance Coach

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