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Jaydon Handy-Athlete Spotlight

SALISBURY, Md – Meet Susquehanna University’s Jaydon Handy. For years, Handy was WiHi‘s two-sport star athlete who’s had major success with the Tribe on the field and on the court. On the football field handy has been in the trenches, playing the defensive live-, meeting force with force, getting after the quarterback and running backs of the opposition. “I started varsity in the COVID season. So that’s three years and ever since COVID season, I loved it. I remember our first game was Cambridge. My very first game of football. I was like, oh, God. It’s probably a bad experience. Then the second game after that and after that, when we start winning, I just loved it. My friends loved all of them, loved the coaches. It was just a great experience for me,” Handy said.

His time doing dirty work with the Tribe was a success as Jaydon has signed with the Susquehanna University River Hawks. “I felt Susquehannah is a great spot for me because of the atmosphere down there, I went on an overnight visit. It was a great atmosphere. They treated me to a great time. I just loved it,” he said.

But football wasn’t his only sport, he was a starter for the tribe, getting significant playing time on a team that won back-to-back bayside and regional championships and made it all the way to the state semi-finals two years in a row. He said his success on the court came from his competitive streak that get from his family. “We used to play two on two in the backyard, it would be my dad and my sister versus me and my brother. We were like eight and it’ll be funny because we will win and they will win. It’ll just be a great time,” he said.

Jaydon is a seasoned athlete that is getting ready to take the step toward achieving his goal. “My best version of myself. I just want to see how that is. I just want to push to that level and I will know when I can stop. And after college, I know I have to keep going,” he said.

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