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Andrew and Kasey WIlson-Athlete Spotlight

SALISBURY, Md- Meet Parkside’s Kasey and Andrew Wilson, a twin pair of varsity soccer players who are each other’s biggest competition since the womb.

If you have a sibling around your age, you know that competition is just part of the game of the experience, but what about if you both played the same sport, that takes it to another level.

That competitive fire between Kasey and Andrew helped them grow immensely as players.

Both Wilsons have had success on the field, Andrew was a starter on the Rams team that won the state title last season and Kasey was first-team all-conference on the Lady Rams that won regionals.

They have been at it since they were toddlers but they’ve had long and challenging journeys to get to this point. No better witnesses to those journeys than each other

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