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Ethan Peterman - Athlete Spotlight

HEBRON, Md. – The ace in the hole for the Mardela Warriors, Ethan Peterman, is hard at work preparing for his senior year on the diamond.

2019 was a great year for Peterman and the Mardela team as a whole. The 6-foot right-hander from Hebron earned a first-team Bayside nod as his sqaud went 18-7, and made it all the way to the east region final.

Life has thrown Ethan some curveballs. In his 8th grade year, a friendly game of football at the beach led to a series elbow injury.

“I was worried, I was very worried, because I knew that that was my specialty, was to pitch,” Peterman said. “I’ve heard past stories about people not being able to throw as well, because they broke a bone in their arm, or anything. And I was really worried about my future.”

After a lot of hard work, and physical therapy, Ethan regained the strength in his elbow.

Fast-forward to this offseason, Peterman is focusing on building strength in his legs, shoulders, and core. He’s hoping the work being put in will lead to more success on the mound.

“I was hitting low 80s and I’m hoping to hit mid 80s… It builds a lot of confidence on the mound.”

But of course that work has to translate to the classroom as well.

Peterman wants to stay local; Salisbury, UMES and Chesapeake are all on the list.

He’s bringing the heat academically, with a 3.25 GPA, and taking AP and honors courses.

“It’s very important, that’s the first thing that I hear is ‘what’s your GPA? What classes are you taking’… And I know most colleges are very strict on their academics so their players can stay on the field.”

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