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Gavin Miller - Athlete Spotlight

SALISBURY, Md. – Parkside boys soccer is coming off an undefeated regular season, one the led to a berth in the 2A state final four. Junior Gavin Miller is one of the leaders of that squad that will be returning in 2020, and he’s already putting in the work that is necessary to get to a state championship game.

Miller says that hard work is what got Parkside so far this season.

“How hard we worked in preseason. I think that helped a lot. We obviously worked out a lot. And our coaches this year and last year and years previous have all been really good, and I think that’s really helpful.”

Individually, Gavin says he is working on his field vision, and his awareness when he has the ball.

“Getting my head up, scanning the field, looking around. Assessing my options before I just play the ball.”

Miller says he has been in contact with a few colleges, including University of Maryland Baltimore County and UNC-Wilmington. Thanks to discussions with coaches at the next level, Gavin says he knows he needs to be quicker.

“When you go from like High School to travel soccer, sometimes it can be a little bit hard to transition back in to travel soccer, where you have to play a little bit quicker. But they said you just have to keep working hard.”

Before college comes his senior year. And Parkside will return quite a few team leaders, meaning we can expect Parkside to make another run at that elusive state title in 2020.

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